Spielende Kinder - Playing childrenChildren’s Ministry
At DBBC we love kids!  We strive to make Sunday mornings a positive experience for them.  Our mission is “to assist parents in laying down a spiritual foundation that in time will lead them into relationship with Jesus Christ” .  We run a children’s program simultaneous to the adult service.  We have a friendly “sign in” lady just after you enter the church.   And we ask that parents please come down and sign their Grades 3 and under children back out at the end of service.  The children start out with their family upstairs for the music portion of the service, then are called to the front for a brief kids story and prayer then are dismissed to their classes downstairs.  
We run a nursery for 0-2 year olds that is dismissed at the same time.  Then the preschoolers age 3-Kindergarten go to their bright and large classroom where they have two teachers each week that are on a monthly rotation.  They use the “First Look” curriculum from Orange 252.   The activities tickle all the senses making mastering the concepts a blast. Crazy fun activities to crafts to large group Bible story and worship time to small group Bible time, it’s all part of the plan to help a child believe three key things by the time he’s five years old:
Our Grades 1-6 children start out in our theatre room off the gym where they watch a relevant and fun DVD that introduces the Biblical Theme and verse for the month and tells the weekly story in an engaging way.  Then they are dismissed to the classrooms down the hall by the preschoolers for their “small group” time.  They are divided into Grade 1-3 and Grade 4-6 small groups  where they look deeper into the Bible to get a fuller meaning, work on Bible memory verse games and do some fun life application activities.  The teachers use the “252 Basics” curriculum from Orange  www.whatisorange.org  which is based on the verse from Luke 2:52   “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man”  . 
The story of God reveals the character of God.” That’s why 252 Basics is organized around key Bible stories that help kids discover Jesus and reflect His character to the world around them. And to make it easy to understand, everything is unpacked through weekly Bottom Lines—short phrase that are so easy to remember they can be reinforced at home throughout the week.”
All of our teachers go through an interview process,  some training and a criminal record check through the RCMP.  We also have designed our classrooms across the hall from each other with lots of windows for both brightness and visual safety.  Parents are welcome to bring their children to class anytime.