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Sharing story’s about living in God’s Kingdom today.

Here are some of the connections people have made in God’s Kingdom:
  • “Our Church provided groceries and clothes for Christmas to a family in need (ten kids!)”
  • “We provided financial help to a family who through hard circumstances found it difficult to pay their mortgage last month.”
  • “I am praying for a single mother and her two boys.” 
  • “After several ladies in our Church baked cookies, and the little kids made cards, my wife and I were able to bless 4 of our seniors with a visit, encouraging them and being encouraged.”
  • “I am keeping Jesus as King in my life by listening to Him, as He guides/directs me through a very painful time that I believe He has allowed in my life to bring honour and glory to Him. Your control in my life Lord, not me — Thank you Jesus, my King. 
  • God placed on my heart to Gove all of our neighbours a poinsettia and a Christmas card. This is very difficult as some of our neighbours are not that loveable… I have to deliver these soon and know that whatever the outcome, I am doing it for the Lord. 
  • I am extending an invitation to my friends that I have been praying for to come to my home “church” every Sunday night for a Bible study.