Sunday October 18th, 2020

Start Time: 2:00pm – End Time: 5:00pm
Starting Location to be announced.
More detailed information will be sent to each team after registration. 
First 10 teams to register will be entered into a draw for a fantastic family PRIZE


Drive your “mining vehicle” to various “mine sites” around the city collecting different samples of precious and non-precious metals. Along the way you will be tasked with special projects/challenges  that will make your whole team think on their feet and create fun and creative memories
PRIZES will be awarded to teams who have the most creative/crazy photos. 


We want to encourage families to be a team of “miners” working together to solve clues and travel around the city.  
Is there only one or two of you? We would encourage you to invite someone from your “personal bubble” to join you for this amazing adventure.
No “miner” is to old or to young to participate in this event. 


Both God’s Word and fellowship are two of our core values as a church. This event provides an opportunity to live into both of these values.
As you visit different “mine sites” you will have an opportunity to fellowship or interact with various “mine managers” (socially distanced practices will be in place). The riddles and clues will give you an opportunity to “mine” or interact with scripture for answers.
Here is a sneak peak of what you might have to do:
Take a photo of your team with the item/object described in the following verse:
“Where knowledge of good and evil resided in the Garden of Eden” Genesis 2:9
Need more information or have a specific question? Email us at