Departure Bay Missions

The Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations has always been of fundamental importance to the congregation at Departure Bay Baptist Church. This has been manifested not only by the substantial portion of our financial resources devoted to missions at home and abroad, but also by the significant number of former members now serving in foreign ministries. Following is a brief description of supported missions and their all important contact links. 
Ted Wall.
Philippines – YWAM


Ted has been a missionary in the Philippines since January 2005. He spent nearly 7 years serving with YWAM Balut in Tondo, Manila before moving to Laguna to pioneer the YWAM Laguna base in December 2011.
Rob & Karina Barber
Faith, Wesley, Joyanne, Calvin
Madagascar – MAF

From an early age Rob knew he wanted to maintain aircraft and was encouraged toward those goals by his parents. After graduating from BCIT in 2004, Rob found work at Boundary Bay Airport and then Abbotsford earning his M1 and M2 licenses. His desire is to use the skills God has given him to further Christ’s kingdom through MAF.

Karina’s desire to serve the Lord with her life was developed at an early age. She spent a few years teaching piano lessons and also graduated with a certificate in office administration. Rob and Karina married the week he graduated in 2004. Now Karina counts it a blessing to be a full time stay-at-home mom raising their four children, Faith, Wesley, Joyanne, and Calvin!
Shaun & Sondi Carlaw
Kelen, David, Adam
CarlawShaun was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as Saviour at an early age. Söndi was introduced to Christ in her first year of college when she joined a Christian choir. Shaun’s experience in Hungary began in 1991 when he first started teaching English and he later returned as a career missionary in June of 1998. Shaun met Söndi at Kelenfold EFC and they were married in Budapest in 2002. Söndi joined the EFCCM in August 2002. They have three boys: Kelen, David and Adam.
Shaun, Söndi and family moved to a city south-west of Budapest called Tapolca (September 2011), for the purpose of beginning an evangelical church where there is none. They use English classes and summer camps as a means to reach the community and grow His church.
Prayer requests: for God to establish His church in the city of Tapolca. Pray for those attending Sunday fellowship times to grow in their spiritual understanding and for them to be a bright witness to others. Also for God to lead others to join the Tapolca ministry team to serve short and longer term.
Daniel Nessim
Chosen Peoples Ministry
Western US Ministry Team

Daniel and Deborah Nessim are both Jewish believers in Yeshua who have dedicated their lives to introducing other Jews to their Messiah.

Daniel had an unusual upbringing in that both his parents are Jewish believers in Yeshua. Daniel was born in London, England and became a believer when he was just seven years old. A few years later, his family moved to Vancouver, BC where his father directed an outreach to the Jewish community. It was in Vancouver that Daniel studied first in a local Bible school and then for a Master’s degree at Regent College.

After his studies, Daniel married Deborah, who is also a Jewish believer. Together they established a home in Seattle, Washington where they ministered to Jewish believers and unbelievers, joining Chosen People Ministries in 1998. Some years ago, they were called to direct the ministry in London, England, where Chosen People Ministries, under its UK board, has been re-establishing the historic work of the ministry since 1999. They have now returned to their home in Seattle, Washington – leaving the work in the UK in capable hands.

Daniel and Deborah both have a burden to reach Jewish people with the news that Messiah has come! Daniel is an accomplished Bible teacher and regularly teaches in churches in the US and Western Canada, making the Scriptures come alive in the light of their original Jewish context.

Coastal Missions
B.C. Coast
This Society is best known for its missionary endeavors using the vessel

Coastal Messenger. 

The ship operates in all seasons using alternating crews. Those directly involved are greatly dedicated to the Lord and to the purpose of the Mission. Persons interested in being trained into service with Coastal Missions are directed to contact Joan McKee (contact information below). Training is tailored for each person accepted. Voyages are to islands and areas including inside waters to Olympia and outer waters of British Columbia including the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) and into Alaska to Wrangell, Sumner Strait, and the west coast Prince of Wales Island. Coastal Missions expanded efforts in 2012 to include an outpost at Port Neville, BC. Because Port Neville is a well-known and secure haven along the Inside Passage, the Gospel is spread naturally by Coastal Missions typical hospitality. Coastal Missions sees itself as a reinforcement to existing church and missionary endeavors, an extension of solid faith, meeting the challenges of the Great Commission especially in areas where the Gospel has not yet penetrated hearts.                                                                                                                                                      
Allan & Linda Ross
Alaska – Interact Ministries

Alan and Linda met in 1965 while both were attending Vancouver Bible Institute/College. They married in 1970. Alan is from Gabriola island off the British Columbia coast and Linda from Kenai, Alaska. After completing the Missionary Development Program with InterAct, they were accepted as career missionaries in 1971, arriving in Alaska in 1973. They served on the Canadian field 10 years before moving to Kodiak in 1987 to begin a ministry among the Alutiiq people and others, called “Kodiak Native New Life Fellowship.” In June 2013 they moved to Kenai, Alaska on the mainland to continue working with “Alaska Freedom Journey” and doing “Hearts Going Towards Wellness” conferences that address personal struggles in a person’s life. They have three adult children; Jonathon, married to Leanndra; Rebekah, married to Eric; and Richard, married to Jennifer.

Rod & Donna Black
Rod and Donna Black were appointed to ministry in Pakistan in 1982 and departed for the field in 1983. Rod and Donna served in a variety of capacities helping to see a church-planting movement start among the Sindhi people. As Principal of the Pakistan Bible Correspondence School Rod oversaw staff reaching out to thousands of young men and women who studied the Bible by correspondence in Sindhi. From 2000-2005 Rod served as Fellowship International’s representative in the FEBCAST Region (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Territories) visiting Bible colleges and speaking in churches. They returned to Pakistan in 2005. Since 2011 the Blacks have been based in Canada. Rod is continuing to assist the Pakistan field in preparing print and audio/video resources while travelling to the field to train leaders, and is also working with our FEB Prairies Region (formerly FEBCAST and FEBMid Regions) to assist them in seeking to reach out to newcomers in their communities.
Jon & Jill Luesink
Jon, Jill, Eric, Gregory, Mallory, Ella
Czech Republic – Advant

We landed in Prague, Czech Republic in the fall of 2008 with the goal to plant churches that Czechs would want to make more of after we left. In a land with only 0.3% believers, and the religion of choice being atheism, we needed to see God work miracles. Today we gather in two house groups with the new believers and seekers. Our two leaders, Michal and Vojta, are coming up on their 3rd anniversary of new life with Jesus. They have been asked by Mirek and Petra to help them start a cell church in their home for their friends and neighbours who are spiritually hungry. Our goal in the next 16 months is to see a small network of house churches multiplying in and around the capital city of Prague. At that time our eldest of 4 children will be graduating from High School and we are praying about what God will lead us to next

Pierre & Hanna Jutra
Timothy, Rachelle
Poland – F.E.B.C Canada

Pierre and Hanna are with FEB International. They have been serving in Poland for almost 10 years. Pierre is French Canadian & Hanna is Polish. They both attended Northwest Langley Baptist church who sent us with the Fellowship as missionaries to Poland. When they went to Poland in July 2005 the Lord led them to be involved in camp ministry as a way to lead evangelism among kids and youth, and they extended into church planting. Living in Warsaw they are now involved in the 3rd church plant in a city called Biala Podlaska. They continue to be involved in Camp ministry, especially in the town of Lublin where they have led soccer camps for 4 years now.    

Their 2 children Timothy and Rachelle are home-schooled. They have great support from Heritage Online Christian school who supervises their activities; Timothy is 13 years old now and Rachelle is 11.