World Missions Website BannerAs our Philippines team travel and minister alongside Ted Wall and his team and community we want to provide updates for you to not only know what is happening but to be praying for them. The team will be sending regular updates and they will be posted here for you to see. 
2020 team members: Larry & Lynda Wall, Karl & Lori & Mikaila Bloedorn
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Thank you to all of you who are praying for the the team.
As you read through these updates each day you not only hear about what is happening but you can get a sense of how much the team appreciates your prayers. As they continue to serve and be a light in the community pray that they will shine with the love of Christ to those around them. 

Saturday January 25th

Hello again from sunny San Pedro!

   Today was an exciting day at the ministry Center, as we entertained nearly 100 kids from the community.  We set up shop right outside on the street, where we would wash and shampoo the kid’s hair, and then we would send them back inside while the lice shampoo did it’s work, and we would feed them a hot bowl of hearty soup.  Then we sent them back outside to the street again, while volunteers would rise out their hair, and give it a nice combing.  We weren’t finished yet though, as we would send the kids back inside to another station, where each child would receive a gift of clothing and other special treats that would have been sent ahead from the folks back home in Nanaimo.  This was truly an amazing event for the kids, and about half of them were new to experiencing the benevolence of God through the ministry Centre.  We were proud to be able to be your ambassadors, touching the lives of these kids with kindness, and gifts, and support from back home.  
Although we have sensed the impact of our help here over the past several days, today’s ministry may have had the greatest impact on the community at large.  So many passers by would look and wonder what was going on here, and why would the people in this place be showing such love and kindness to the children of this community.  Kids by the dozen just hung around and watched as we had such a great time “treating” their friends to a shampoo and scalp massage, and giving them free food and gifts.  I think that we caught a few extra kids just “on a dare” from their friends to participate in this strange and weird display of compassion, that was so rare to see anywhere else within their world.  It is the ongoing hope and prayer of the Team here, that their efforts to show compassion and love to every member of the family, children, youth and adults alike, would extend the light and love of Christ to transform lives and communities for His glory.  We caught a glimpse of that today, and were humbled to be a part of it.
Tomorrow (Sunday here) will be another special day, as we celebrate the anniversary of the Church in Cam Cam.  Seven years ago, our Church sent out a Team to this small mission, where we participated in the first ever Church service in this community.  Then three years later, we sent out another team, who were here for the third anniversary, and also the celebration of several folks being baptized.  Now, we are going to be here to participate in the seventh anniversary of this Church.   We will be providing some special music, and words of encouragement and affirmation, as we celebrate with these precious folks.  Our partnership with Ted’s ministry, and the development of the Church here, cannot be denied, showing up as we do, along the path of their growth.  
I am hoping that you, the small but mighty Church at Departure Bay, recognize the significance of your partnership with the development of Christ’s body here in this far away part of the globe.  God has been pleased to use us in making a difference for His kingdom.  Pray that our participation in the festivities tomorrow will go well, and reflect God’s commendation of the Church here.  Seven has special significance in the Bible…pray that everything is just perfect here tomorrow!  We can’t wait to share with you how it goes!

God’s best blessings to all.

Friday January 24th

Hello Departure Bay Family,

   I am writing at the close of a very busy day here in the Philippines.  It was also unique in the fact that it actually rained later in the day, for the first time since we have been away…something that we forgot about since leaving a snowy Nanaimo just over a week ago.  As I mention this, I am realizing that our time here is now more than half gone.  
The women’s program was a great success, as Lynda & Lori met with about 25 ladies from the community.  Lynda gave the devotional, and was reminded what it is like to speak through a translator, as most of the ladies have only limited understanding of english.  They appreciated what Lynda had to say, and just loved the bead bracelets that they created to remind them about the fruit of the Spirit.  
Later on we all met with the youth for our second program with them.  Lori took the lead tonight in the worship singing, which was very memorable and worshipful, as she added some of her own flavour to the songs.  We have found that it is not very hard to engage with the youth in almost anything that we do with them, as they are so appreciative of our interaction with them.  The worship singing was no different, as the kids just sang their heart out in praise to God.  The “tie dye reveal” was fun, as the kids saw their finished tee shirt products, and showed them off to the rest of the group.  We followed up after that with a time of sharing & devotional thoughts, being reminded that we are all unique, and beautiful in God’s sight.  
We were impressed again with the enthusiasm and joy that flows out of most of these kids, as they express themselves so easily to one another, and to God in worship.  Tomorrow is Children’s ministry again, and we expect to see another hoard of kids, to get fed and pampered a little as we show them God’s love in a special way.  
Thanks again for your prayers for today’s ministry, as we feel that we made an impact with the youth.  Please pray for the kids that we see tomorrow, that this will also be the case, and that they will recognize Christ’s love through us.  More to follow…
PRAYER REQUEST: Jomar and Geralds (YWAM staff) mom just lost her husband to colon cancer two weeks ago and she in in mourning, pray for her comfort and that she is able to provide for herself.
Blessings to all!
Departure Bay Ambassadors to the Philippines

Thursday January 23rd

Hello again,

The Nanaimo Team is safe back “home” at the missions base after some exciting adventures in other parts of the Philippines, which we will share with you when we get back.  Lori, Karl, and Mikayla were back a day ahead of the Walls, and they had some pretty eye opening experiences, as they did some house to house visitation in the community.  They were moved by the humble dwellings and simple lifestyles of those they visited and prayed with.   
Our focus is again on ministry tomorrow, and it will be a busy one.  In the morning I (Larry) will be going with Ted to buy supplies for a much needed storage cabinet to organize instruments and supplies, to go along with the recent renovation.  Building this will be a side project for me, just to help out with some of my skills.  In the afternoon, Lynda will be leading the mothers program, with teaching and a craft project that she has been preparing, about the fruit of the Spirit. Pray with us that this will help strengthen the daily walk of faith for these ladies in the community.  
In the evening, we will be connecting with the youth again, with a time of worship, sharing, and “tie dye” project reveals from last week’s craft project.  Then, coming up on Saturday, we will be meeting with the kids for a second time, to do some scalp and hair treatments and a “feeding program”, to give the kids a good healthy meal.  Thanks once again for standing with us in prayer as we reach out on your behalf to show Christ’s love for this community!  
We’ll be in touch with more news tomorrow.
Blessings from all of us to all of you!

Wednesday January 22nd

Hello family,

   After spending the first couple of days getting into the ministry with Ted & his team in Cam Cam (pronounced “come come”), our home team has taken time for a mini excursion, to take in some other sights here.  The Bloedorns have gone off to Boracay, and the Walls have gone to Palawan.  As we have been getting reports from Karl, Lori, & Mikayla having fun in the sun, we’ll let them tell us all about it themselves.  By the time of this writing, they will already be back at the base, getting ready for another round of ministry tomorrow.   
As for the Walls, our excursion adventure has been even more exciting than we could have ever planned.  We took along Ted & Eddie, so we could share the experience together, and it started off in a rare, unbelievable way.  Palawan is an island, almost exactly the same length as Vancouver Island, so we had to fly to get there.  Turns out that conditions at the local airport there were too windy to land on the first attempt, as the airplane suddenly accelerated just as we were about to touch down. So we circled to make another attempt…same thing!   It is a very strange and unsettling experience to suddenly feel the plane lift off as you are preparing it to land.  We circled around for the third time, after hearing the captain give his reassurances not to worry.  Third attempt also failed, and everyone on the plane wondered what would happen, as this time the plane just kept on heading out over the sea, away from the Island, until the captain announced that we would be forced to land at an airport about an hour away.  We would wait there for another hour, until we finally got word that conditions improved back on Palawan, and took off for our destination another hour away, for our fourth attempt to land, which happened to fail again!   
After all those attempts we were so, so disappointed that our anticipated excursion would come to such a dismal end before it even got started.  None of us spoke on the way back to Manila, as we were trying to deal with our disappointment in a Christ like way…pretty tough not to feel some measure of frustration with God, who controls the wind.  And the question: “Now what?” couldn’t be ignored as we contemplated how we would feel, and what we would do when we landed back in Manila.  We decided that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams of an excursion, so we made some alterations to our plans, caught a low grade hotel for the night, and got the first flight out to Palawan the next morning, which landed successfully, to everyone’s cheers and applause.  
Well, you’ll have to wait to hear about our amazing, wonderful time that we have had here, but I wanted you to hear about some of our challenges, so you would be aware of the value of your prayers for us.  As you can hear, your prayers are very much needed every day, whether we are just relaxing and having fun, or involved in ministry.  Thank you again for standing behind us! We’ll have some amazing stories to tell when we get back (if and when the Lord wills!).

Blessings from Your Home Team,
Karl, Lori, Mikayla, Lynda, & Larry

Saturday January 18th

Hello again from the Philippines

    Another day, and another whole new set of experiences.   The kids worship time this morning was so energetic and full of life!  The Youth Leadership Team do a truly amazing job with the kids.  They really love them, and are such great examples for them.   Lori was up next, and she did an awesome job with the kids during the teaching and craft time.  She had a “quick change” routine, where she swapped characters between David and Goliath, to illustrate God’s strength against seemingly impossible odds.  We all helped out in the craft, as kids painted stones, and made pouches to remind them of the story.  The new renovation proved again to be a great improvement over the old space.  There is so much more room (which is definitely needed), and with new paint and finishes, it is so much nicer!  Thanks so much for those who have helped financially for this program, as Ted still needs to pay for this work.

   This evening, we all went to the newest mall in San Pedro, and couldn’t help but being impacted by the stark contrast between the ultra modern atmosphere at the mall, and the relative poverty in the area where Ted & his team ministers.  We are so grateful to be an encouragement to the Team here, and the beautiful people of Cam Cam.  Some of us visited Thelma today (Gerald & Jomar’s mom), who lost her husband just a few weeks ago, and spent time encouraging her.  Please remember her in your prayers, as this is a lonely, hard time for her.

    Tomorrow, the Nanaimo Team will be heading out on some “excursion time”, to see some of the other sites that this part of the world has to offer.  This will be a break for us, and we might not communicate for a few days (or maybe we will!), until we get back.  Please continue to pray for our safety and good health…so far that’s been working perfectly!

The Team

Friday January 17th

Greetings from your Philippines Team!

First full day of ministry for us here is in the books.   This was also the first youth gathering in the newly renovated ministry centre,  since well before Christmas.  There was more than fifty  youth out to this event, and they were very lively and “pumped up” from the time they entered the centre, till the time they left. The worship time was loud and lively, just like Filipino youth like it, and it was great to see the youth worship leaders making a joyful noise to the Lord.  I was particularly happy to see the electronic drum set from Nanaimo Christian School put to good use.   I (Larry) shared some of my story with them, using that as an example of how Our Creator God fills our lives with so much colour through the particular set of circumstances that fills our lives.  From that, we dove into our “tie dye” craft, and there was no shortage of excitement there, when the kids each got a free t-shirt and all the goods to create something unique and colourful, just to illustrate how each of us are as we submit to God’s hand at work in our lives.  
The Team here has been feeding us and treating us well, along with the help of some ladies from the Church.   Tomorrow’s focus will be on the children, as we put on a program for a mob of kids from the community.  Lori has some really cool things prepared to teach and share a craft with them.  If you are one of the ladies on the sewing team, we’ll be sharing your handiwork in the craft, where the kids will be making pouches to hold special stones as a reminder of the Bible story “David & Goliath”.  
Pray with us that this will go as planned, and have a lasting positive impact on the kids.  More to follow after that program.
Blessings to all,
“The Team”

Thursday January 16th

Hello from the Philippines!
Well…we finally made it!  After a few tense moments of apprehension, we got into the Manilla airport at about midnight (Philippines time) last night.   We had a few hurdles to cross, mainly due to the weather in Nanaimo and Vancouver.  Getting out of Vancouver was pretty scary, as every hill had someone stuck on it, and our cab driver had to be very creative in just getting out of town.  We did finally get to the airport in time, but faced another delay, as every plane had to go through the de-icing process, and to be sure the runway was ploughed and clear.  Overall, I would describe the day of travelling “gruelling”, as so much of the day was spent cramped up in tight seats on the plane.  But we made it, and looking forward to our first day here, which will include some worship, orientation, and then later leading the youth program, with a devotional and tie dye craft project.  
Please pray that this will all go well as I (Larry) will be leading the show, and hope that as I share my testimony, that it will have a meaningful impact on the youth.  It’s hot and muggy here, so also pray that we will be able to “stay cool”, and have the energy to be helpful and encouraging.  We are all healthy, but pray that this will stay the course.  We are appreciating the knowledge of your support and prayers back home!  Thank you so much!

Blessings from our Team,
Mikaila, Lori, Karl, Lynda, & Larry
AND Greetings from the Team here,
Gerald, Jomar, Eddie, & Ted