Rightnow Media is an online video streaming service that has over 20,000 biblical videos that can be enjoyed at home. This is a great resource that members of the church can access for free. Please email office@departurebaychurch.ca if you are interested and would like an invite to the website.
The Heggs family:

“Our children have particularly enjoyed watching Boz and Adventures in Odyssey. There are so many options for children and families. We appreciated the variety of Easter Series available for the kids. One video we really enjoyed was a humorous short video titled ‘How to Fit in at Almost any Small Group.’ If anyone is missing small group time or needs a laugh they should watch it for sure!”
The Bradburn family:
“Our small group has used this site extensively over the past few years. I think any one of our life group members will attest to a great learning experience using the Rightnow Media site.” They have done many studies from Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio and Ravi Zacharias. They recommend Bible Project as a great resource for a quick understanding of every book of the bible.
The Riverin family:

The kids have discovered Superbook and they have been watching it as a family. “It seeks to teach the main characters of the show a lesson by taking them back in time in an actual story in the Bible. On a few occasions I’ve also sought to read the actual story/passage of the Bible with them either before or after watching the Superbook episode. We just started one of the kids devotionals (1John 5 – What is a Christian, by John Visner) as a family and we’ve really enjoyed it.”